Bored girlfriends (BGFs) don’t do yoga workouts or eat healthy. They’re rather unsympathetic—both tired and tiresome. In essence, they represent the dark side of the girl next door: beautiful and naturally sexy, they make most other girls jealous.

Of course, not all of them are that way—some are even worse. Several particular species coexist, and I’ll try to describe them to you in a few lines, before you definitely fall under their spell (or under their claws…)





Aliens have their psychotic side. Their rare blue skin makes them a superior species that others admire. They belong to a different caste than mere mortals. Their atypical way of thinking, sometimes unsuited to our world, however, can lead them to wind up where they aren’t expected and to achieve great things of which only they are capable.



Zombies, on the other hand, are rather nonchalant and moody. They are the girls with whom nothing is in its right place. They aren’t the kind of girls who care about daily tasks, but rather the kind who take care of their household only when it becomes necessary.



The demons, with their red skin and prominent veins, represent strength. They are the women behind the great men who quietly rule the world. It’s hard to talk about demons without risk, so I’ll spare you the details for now.



Leopards are hyperactive and sexy—yet wild. It’s not uncommon to see them in the distance. However, it’s difficult to keep them nearby, as their quest for freedom is what drives them



Golden ones are immensely wealthy, but it’s not quite clear where their wealth comes from. Often made up and covered in gold, and both friendly and funny, they can usually be found at the “Café de Paris” in Monte Carlo, with a glass of spritz in hand.



Finally, we have the hybrids, the rarest creatures in the universe, so tempted that we have discovered them all. Hybrids are like deities, a blend of all non-human creatures. It’s not yet known how they came to be: an alliance, or a genetic experiment gone wrong?


We don’t know much more for the moment, except that their face and body are mixed with blue and green, bearing red marks and adorned with gold, place them unquestionably among the most admired and feared species of our time.